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The Sports Physiotherapist directory is a fantastic way to showcase your clinic to thousands of monthly readers. Whilst the site is intended for sports physiotherapists and physical therapists we are consistently finding that patients and athletes are accessing the site for answers and solutions to their injury problems. This trend is increasing as we continue to add more and more content to our website, and begin to cover a wide range of sports injury topics.

The Benefits of Adding Your Clinic

  • has thousands of monthly visitors (>20,000 page views, August 2011)
  • Reach patients and athletes with sports injuries looking for answers
  • Generate more enquiry and leads to your clinic/practice
  • Competitive pricing ensures a fantastic R.O.I.

Who Will Access This Directory?

Whilst is made for sports physiotherapists and physical therapists, our web statistics indicate that athletes and patients are accessing the site, searching for answers to their musculoskeletal issues and questions. This is displayed by the fact that:
  • More than 50% of our hits access the site via a Google Search
  • The site ranks highly (often #1) in Google for searches of ‘Sports Physiotherapist‘ and ‘Sports Physiotherapy
  • Every month two thirds of our readers are new to the site
  • Our hits come from all over the world, with visits from over 175 countries (see the map below)
Sports Physiotherapy | Sports Physiotherapist

Visitor Density from All Over the World

How Will Visitors Access The Directory?

Visitors to the site, or potential patients for your clinic, may access the directory in a number of ways. This includes:
  • At least 2 banner ads on every page. 1 on the side of the screen, 1 within each article (we are in the process of updating every article on the website!)
  • Text and a link at the end of each article suggesting readers search the directory if looking for a physiotherapist or physical therapist in their local area
  • Check out this article as an example.

How To Add Your Clinic

Adding your clinic to the directory is quick and easy. If you click the “Create Entry” button below you will be asked to provide the following information:

  1. Title: The name of your Clinic
  2. Content: Provide a 150 word description of your clinic. This can be anything you like and can include information such as the services you offer and the local areas that you service.
  3. Select Country.
  4. Add a Clinic Address
  5. Add the Post or Zip Codes your clinic services (up to 5). This is important as visitors will search via Post/Zip Codes.
  6. Add an Email Address (not made public)
  7. Your Name (not made public)
  8. Add a Phone Number
  9. Add a Clinic Website URL (if you have one)
  10. Finish by clicking “Upload Your Listing”. Please note that all uploaded listings will be reviewed within 24 business hours of upload, and you will be notified via email that we have received all necessary information.

Payment for your clinic listing may be made before or after you upload the details of your clinic. Payment structure is discussed below.

Payment Structure

To ensure a great return on investment for your advertising dollar we offer competitive pricing. Additionally, we offer the premium “Featured Listings” which can increase your visibility to the visitors as it will appear on the front page “Slider”. The schedule is as follows:

  • Early Bird Special: Only for readers and fans, we are offering a special price before we launch the directory to the public – only 39AUD a year!
  • Standard Listing: 77 AUD /year
  • Featured Listing: 154 AUD /year

NB: Please ensure that you fill in the “Clinic Name” before selecting the Buy Now button so that we can ensure that your application has been paid for.

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